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Consulting about retirement pension in Iran

According to the rules of social security (in Iran), men with 60 years of age require 20 years of work experience.  Women with 55 years of age require 20 years work experience.  If an individual has accumulated more than 30 years of experience at any age may receive pension.  Furthermore, those individuals whom used to receive their pension (social security or retiring of civic and army staff) and for any reason have not been able to retrieve it our office will be able to reinstate the pension with necessary related documents. Also, if it has been a very long time since the retrieval of the pension the file is stored permanently and in order to re-open the case, the attorney has to salvage the file; when the file has been salvaged, the related departments with analyze the file for any activity and if there are no obstacles to reestablish the pension and claim its agreement. This firm is able to make an effort in collecting the work experience and accomplish the retrieval of the pension as soon as possible.

    Required documents for reestablishing the pension
  • Completing and signing the retirement power of attorney.
  • Completing and signing the Form number 1.
  • The original Birth-certificate and the national card (melli card).
  • The original valid Iranian passport.
  • Four passport pictures of the applicant.
  • The complete and notarized living proof document.
  • The original retirement decree or the last salary stub or insurance booklet or bankbook in which salary was being deposited to.