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Drawing up power of Attorney

Power of Attorney in word means assign or rely to another person. but in juridical is contract that by this contract one person appoint another person as her deputy for perform an affair. the lexical meaning of the deputation is common because the assign means transfer any work to another person but its juridical meaning is particular because we can not transfer every affaires to another person.
Deputation is one contract among the other agreements that concluded between client and deputy.
Attorney-ship is in two bases:

  1. Special Attorney-ship
  2. Common Attorney-ship

If the client say to deputy that “ you are my deputy just in selling this house”, this case is appropriate deputy, but if the client say to deputy that “ you are my deputy in all of the cases” so that , the deputy in all of the cases such as purchase, donate, bond, lease ,and marriage is become the deputy of this client. In the deputation is conditioned that both of the client and deputy is adult and wise and delegated affaire to the deputy is not contrary with legal and juridical rules.
However, we saw several time that the person without knowledge about deputations’s consequents enterprise to presentation the power of attorney to another person and the encounter with many problems. In several cases this problem raise that this power of attorney to the deputy has no right to dethrone his deputy. Thus , it is necessary that before power of attorney adjustment, accomplished required research about its consequent and limitation of deputy’s authorization. If you want assign any deputation to another person, you can with refer to this office and council with our advisor informed about conditions and commitments of power of attorney.And if you want the text of the related power of attorney is adjusted by the experts and deputies of this firm in order to prevent from the subsequent problems.

The required documents for receiving the passport

  • Completing and signing the form number 1 and if you are American citizen you should complete and sign the form 989 as well.
  • Six passport picture of the applicant.
  • The origin Iranian passport used when exiting Iran.
  • The original Iranian Birth-certificate and the national card (melli card).
  • One color copy of the first page of the American passport or the copy of the citizenship.  If you are not citizen, the copy of two sides of American green card.