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Divorce means “the legal termination of the marriage and separation of the spouse from each other.”  Typically, divorce takes place when the marriage is endangered and conflicts occur followed by arguments amongst the spouses.  In-order to initiate the divorce process, first the spouse needs to file within the court to receive a court order (this is necessary to precede further).  The court order instructs the couple to continue with mediation.  Upon the agreement of the spouses and the mediator the decision is reported to the judge for a judgment.  Only the couples with the permanent nuptials are able to obtain a divorce.  A divorced or widowed woman has to pass the time required time by law before applying for a divorce.

  • Divorce is based on two types: agreed jointly or disagreed.
  • Mihan legal office with the assistant of the experienced attorneys will file your divorce albeit one may not agree with the divorce and/or mutually agreed.  Whether the nuptial was instigated in Iran or outside of Iran we will be able to finalize the divorce in Iran.
    Required documents for Iranian Divorce:
  • The original Islamic Republic of Iran’s Birth-certificate and original national card (melli card) of the couple.
  • The original Iranian or legal Marriage certificate.
  • The original American Divorce certificate.
  • Two signed juridical power of attorneys by husband and wife in agreed divorces.
  • Completing and signing the divorce power of attorney and the necessary forms.  In the absence of the religious divorce certificate our office will be able to provide you with a copy.
  • Two passport pictures of the applicant.