Mihan Legal Office

Birth certificate issuance or renewal

Many years ago the old Birth-certificate was changed to the new Islamic Republic of Iran, so the people who are not successful in changing their old ID card until now and they are old observed as a defeated one and their ID document is sending to archive. therefore it is better to who are not successful in receiving the new ID card  take necessary actions to change their old ID card and receive the ID card of Islamic Republic of Iran immediately . if because of any reason you have not succeed  to change your ID card or lost your ID card, it can be received and issued by this firm as soon as possible.

The required documents for receiving and changing ID card

  • Completing and signing the power of attorney and related forms
  • 8 passport photos
  • The origin of Iranian passport
  •  The origin of old ID card and if it is not available its copy, or the copy of one relevant family such as father , mother, sister or brother.

Receiving national card ( Iran Social Security )

National card is one of the documents that are necessary to proceeding dear Iranians ‘ legal affairs in Iran. Mihan legal office is ready to receive national card at least possible time.
The required documents to receive the national card

  • Complete and sign the power of attorney and relevant form
  • 8 passport picture
  • The origin of the iranians passport
  • The origin of the old ID card of one of relevant family as father,mother,sister, or brother